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I have been in the music and sound business for nearly thirty-five years. I started playing music at a very early age. My inspiration was my father, Daddy Young, playing all his 7 inch records on his vintage gram.

I started playing out at house parties with my home stereo system, which grew into a sound system. The sound systems that infuenced me were Sir Coxone, Lord Koos, Java, Sufferer Sound, Success Sound, Channel One and Suprano B.

Clubs and youth centres that I used to go to were - All Nations, Four Aces, Columbo, Burtons, Railway, Roxy, Cinderella's, King Fishers, Alperton Youth Centre and Acorn Youth Centre.

I started my broadcasting career at JBC Radio in London. That was where I learnt my trade. My first show was at 4-6 am on a Monday, then I went straight to work at my day job. I did that for two years. I progressed on and was then offered a Sunday show from 8-10 pm. As time went on I wanted more from broadcasting and just being a radio presenter. I set up another radio station called Revive FM with DJ Chucky and Cornell Campbell. That went on for a few years. I then moved on to set up another radio station with Chucky, my brother Derek Antoni, and Winnie D from Supertone. The station is called UK Roots FM, which is still going from strength to strength. In 2011, UK RootsFM was voted the best community radio station.